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One of the Estonian U18 leaders today, Johanna-Eliise Teder. Photo by Siim Semiskar

BSBC girls' second day brought wins to Latvia and Finland


On the second day of Baltic Sea Basketball Cup in Tallinn, Latvia and Sweden met towards the beginning of the day, as the hosts battled Finland in the evening. In the girls category, the winning points were earned by Latvia and Finland, who earned victories in both age groups.

The second day was also started by the foreign pair. In the U16 girls, Latvia didn’t give Sweden a single chance. Since the tip off, there was no doubt the Latvians came in better prepared today, as they secured the first quarter with a very convincing lead, 28:10. The game didn’t get tense for a second, as in the following quarter, the Swedes only managed to add 2 points to their score, against Latvia’s 22 (the score 50:12 to Latvia). Even though they did managed to bring some game from their end in the second half (or the Latvians, emboldened by their very solid lead, loosened their grip slightly), the final score reflected Latvia’s undoubted dominance, 78:38.


Laura Meldere brought the winners 23 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals, Daniela Grigorjeva helped out with 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. The only player on the Swedish side to get a double-digit of points today was Josephine Bänk-Hurme, whose effort was 10 points and 8 rebounds.


In the U18 girls, Latvia also showed strength, but the match wasn’t quite as one-sided. The opening quarter was, in fact, quite even, with the Swedes only behind by 2, 13:15. Our southern neighbors had an excellent second quarter both offensively and defensively, however, keeping the opponent at just 10 points while adding 26 themselves (41:23) and thus pulling ahead well. The third quarter, however, showed us Sweden’s comeback, as they closed the gap significantly and entered the final 10 minutes from just -13 (43:56). That’s about as close they were allowed though, and Latvian girls took their fourth win of the tournament (second for the age group), 76:63.


The most outstanding Latvians were Sabine Lipe, 15pt+14rb+3as+2st, and Marianna Klavina, 14pt+8rb+3as+4st. The Swedish game was led strongly by yesterday’s best, Moulayna Johnson-Sibi-Baba, who brought 24pt+9rb+2st.


Both of the Estonia-Finland girls' matches can be summarized very similarly – Finland came, saw and conquered. There was no tension in either of the games, as Finland dominated easily from the tip off. In the younger girls' game the Finns won the first quarter 23:11 and the half 46:22. They didn't give an inch to the hosts who'd won Sweden yesterday, in the second half either, and won the game with extreme certainty at 93:34. The U18 game went almost in an identical fashion – opening quarter 22:7 and half 40:24 to our northern neighbours. The only difference was, unlike their younger half, the U18 Finnish girls didn't score quite as much in the second half and their win is thus a little less bitter for us – 71:45.


The biggest scorers in U16 were Janette Aarnio and Awak Kuier for Finland, who brought 15 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals and 12 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals accordingly. On the Estonian side, Anna-Gret Asi should be mentioned, who game the team 8 points, 5 assists and 5 steals, but, being under a lot of pressure, also had 9 turnovers.


The team's general statistics show that Finland showed their strength in accuracy and rebounds (2pt shots 54,4% vs 37,9% freethrows 65,8% vs 50%, rebounds 41-22) and also showed better results in assists (15-8), steals (24-11) and turnovers (19-49). Estonia did edge over the winners in 3pt accuracy, however – 28,6% vs 11,1%.


In U18, the Finnish side played a very team-oriented basketbal and each player brought in their share, but today's best were Sara Bejedi (10pt+8rb+4as) and Rosa Lehti (8pt+10rb). On the Estonian side, the leaders were Sandra Reinvald (7pt+8rb) ja Johanna-Eliise Teder (10pt+4rb+4as+6st).

Team statistics wise, we won Finland in 3pt (25% vs 20%), freethrow (63,6% vs 56,5%) and blocks (3 vs 0), but their solid dominance showed in rebounds (51-32), assists (15-9) and 2pt accuracy (42,6% vs 31%).


Currently, in U16 girls, Latvia is leading the tournament table with 2 wins, Finland second with 1-1 and +49, Estonia third 1-1 and -52, Sweden not having opened their winning score yet. In U18, Latvia is again undefeated at 2-0, Sweden second with 1-1 and +26, Finland third 1-1 and +4, Estonia fourth without a win. On the last day of the tournament, Estonian teams are matching up against Latvia, whilst Finland and Sweden settle their scores on the court. The schedule, as well as statistics on today, can of course still be found on the tournament website